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First Day Of School Advice

First Day Of School Advice.

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Real Math In A Minute

What is YOUR best advice for your kids’ first day of school? No matter what their age, everyone has first day jitters…..even most teachers. Everything is new and different. New teachers, new schedule, new subjects, new lunch group. Exciting stuff. Sets the pace for the entire year.

Should kids get to wear whatever they want that day? Is that important? Should they ride the big yellow bus or is that too humiliating so you will drive them? Will they brown bag it or see what’s new on the lunch line? What do you hope their teachers will say the first day of school? What should they take with them?

What is the conversationlike around your breakfast table that very first morning, or maybe at dinner the night before? Click on COMMENTS below and share your thoughts. Let’s see what we come up with.

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How To Start The School Year Right

What a short summer it was here!  Six weeks to be exact.  Yesterday, August 1, was the first day of school.  Excited or not, it is here.

The beginning of school is extremely important to be sure your new school year goes well.  Although it is possible to dig yourself out of a hole when your grade drops, to repair a relationship with fellow student or teacher, or to do better on the next test, it is so much easier to avoid those situations.  We’ll look at them closely over the next few days.

No one wants to start thinking about grades the first week of school, and, yet, that is exactly the best time to give it some real thought.  Setting goals that are realist for you and for your child is noble.  It gives you direction and something to aim for.  However, setting unrealistic goals  is more that a waste of time.  It is detrimental to success.  If goals are set too high, and they can be, it can be stressful, frustrating and non-motivational when, despite your best efforts, you don’t even come close to reaching your goals.

Focus your goals on your behavior and choices rather than your grades.  Here are some worthy goals for the first week of school.

1.  I will attend school regularly and be on time.  If that doesn’t happen you are in for a less than successful experience.

2.  Sit where you can see, hear, and are not distracted.  You will make a wise choice to sit away from your friend if you can’t refrain from talking etc during class.  You can socialize later.

3.  When you don’t understand something, ask your teacher.  Ask respectfully.  That means, just in case you were wondering, to raise your hand in class and not blurt out.  Or it could mean making an appointment to come by before/after school when the teacher can really focus on you.

4.  Be determined to get extra help when you need it.

5.  Write down your assignments everyday.

6.  Over prepare for all tests and quizzes.

7.  Complete all homework assignments.

If you make these goals and keep them, you will almost certainly be off to a good start.

Now write down your own goals.  Make a promise to yourself.

Print it out, sign it, and put it where you will see it.   Keep it about your behavior, not the grade you want to make.  Don’t write, “I will make all As”.  Instead write your plan, the steps you will take to do your best.  The rest will fall in place.

I hope you have a great first day back and first week back.  Take it one day at a time.  You can do it!

Pythagoras, Music, and Health

Maybe I was wrong to post this since I do not know who deserves the credit for the writing.  I guess I will attribute it to Anonymous.  I will admit I took it from Facebook and that is not exactly a primary source!  Anyway,  I like the thought.  Hope you enjoy it.

“Pythagoras defined music as the perfect union of contrary things, as unity in multiplicity, oraccord in discord. Indeed, music does not only coordinate rhythm and modulation, but imposes order on the whole system.

Pythagoras discovered that the pitch of a musical note changed if the length of a piece of string was stopped half way along. This created an octave that produced the same quality of sound as the note produced by the unstopped string, but it vibrated at twice the frequency. The Pythagoreans used music to heal the body and elevate the soul.”
Pythagoras!  What an interesting and brilliant character.  He was so much more than his famous Theorem wasn’t he.  An oddball of his time perhaps but one full of intelligence and discovery.

100th Math Post

We’re all about numbers here so I had to give a salute to my 100th post!  What should it be about?

I think it should reflect all the math I’ve seen everywhere in the mountains this week.  Really.  A hiking and horseback riding overnight, resulting in both poison ivy and chiggers (!) was also surrounded by math.  Take a look.

Numbers Don’t Lie Too Often…

Love that sunshine!


Polygons? Universal.

Regular Pentagon full of leaves!

Math is awesome.  It’s really sneakingly awesome.  We think we never use it and we’ll surely never use it once we get out of math class….but, oh yes you will.  You really will.  In all kinds of ways.  Open your eyes.  Open your mind.  Math will take you in new directions.  Don’t be afraid to go there.  It is the path to opportunity.

Ooh so inviting!



End Of Year Math Testing

Coming soon at your nearest high school! Don’t wait until the night before to study…..uh, cram!  Start now.  Your teacher will provide resources.  Use them.

Here are some Geometry tidbits “you need to know”!  More help for Geometry and Algebra coming daily until June 1.

Random Facts on Geometry End Of Course Test

Short Videos:  Geometry and Algebra  BASICS