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Free Graph Paper!

This is a good site to print graph paper when you need it so you don’t have to run t the store when you run out at 9:00 at night! You have a choice of size and layout of graph so it should fit any need you have in algebra or geometry. You do need to have Adobe Reader. There is an icon on the site so you can download it for free if you don’t already have it.

Have fun graphing! Always use a straightedge! Yeah right.

How Many Lines of Symmetry? (LOS)

1. Circle has infinite # LOS.
2. Parallelogram has NO LOS.
3. Rhombus has 2 LOS.
4. Reg Hexagon has 6 LOS.
5. Square has 4 LOS.
6. Rectangle has 2 LOS.
7. Reg Pentagon has 5 LOS.
8. Equilateral Triangle has 3 LOS.
9. Kite has 1 LOS.
10. Isosceles Trapezoid has 1 LOS. Non-Isosceles Trap has NO LOS.

Every regular polygon has the same number of LOS as it does sides!