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Generation¬†“H” For Hugging

High school students love to greet each other with hugs. Some schools ban it. Some schools, a very few, encourage it. These are not PDA (Public Display Of Affection) type hugs, not romantic type hugs, just hello hugs and goodbye hugs. As teachers we are told the upper shoulder is the only appropriate touch place and even that can be only a few seconds. Too risky to break that rule. However it seemed okay to hug students at Honors Day when handing out awards. Really, what’s wrong with a hug in front of 1000 people? What can happen? I hug students when they move away….or if they do something drastic like dropout of school. I want them to know they will be missed and that it matters that they will no longer be with us. The hugging thing is a little overdone but I think I would welcome it more likely than ban it. What about you? Are you a hugger or a handshake? Does hugging have any place at school?