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Will You Give Us The Formulas?

The Geometry EOCT gives you a formula sheet that you may use during the test. That is nice to have but you need to be familiar with the list so you can you get the most out of it. First it tells you what each letter stands for just like you see here.
Explanation of Symbols
First it gives you lower case letters.
b = base
d = distance
h= height
l =slant height
r= radius
Then it gives you upper case letters. Some of this you haven’t had yet but will soon.
A =Area
B =Area of Base
C =Circumference
LA =Lateral Area
P= Perimeter
B= Area of Base
S =Surface Area
V =Volume
Then it gives a few formulas. Notice that even though it gives you the formula, it does not tell you when to use the formula. You have to know that yourself.
A= 1/2 bh
V =Bh
V= 1/3 Bh
LA= Ph
LA= 1/2 Pl
We will practice all of this a little at a time. Don’t worry, just come and work the problems every day. We start that tomorrow. See you then.