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Geometry EOCT Problems 1-4

First Day!!!

Good idea to keep all of these problems worked in a notebook. That way you can review it all right before the test…and you can share it with your teacher.

This set of problems is to help you “remember” way back to beginning of the year.

1. What is the “converse” of the following statement? What is the hypothesis? What is the conclusion?

If Jenny goes to the ballgame, then she will wear her red jacket.

a. Converse: If Jenny wears her red jacket, then she will go to the ballgame.
b. Hypothesis: If Jenny goes to the ballgame
c. Conclusion: Then she will wear her red jacket.

2. Which word describes a triangle whose angles measure 23, 38, and 119 degrees?
a. isosceles b. acute c. right d. obtuse
d. Obtuse

3. Find the midpoint of a segment with endpoints (3, 7) and (5, -1).
Midpoint is (4 , 3)

4. What is the area of a circle with radius = 4 cm? Leave pi in your answer.
Area is 16 pi sq. cm. or 50.27 sq. cm.

Email your answers to Put EOCT as the subject. If you want me to communicate with your teacher, send me that information too.

Congratulations for getting started! Come back tomorrow.

Feel free to leave a comment but DON’T leave the answers here! LOL.