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Are You An Integrated Math Fan?

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Let’s see now.  We have  End Of Course Test scores very high in Algebra I and Geometry in Georgia.  Many schools are scoring in the high 90’s.  The math part of our Graduation Tests boasts scores that rock the house.  (Yes, I know that test is lame but it’s for everyone and it is what it is.) 

Enter the ‘powers that be’.  A few years ago they mandated ‘Georgia schools must  all change their math curriculum’.  So like good little ducklings, we did. 

Implementation and training from the state level were poor.  Teachers were not given proper resources and had to develop their own.  Not that they are not fully capable but having time?  That’s another story.  Let me just say that many variations of Math I surfaced. 

Georgia Algebra EOCT scores dropped like a rock.  Make that a boulder.

The plan was first Algebra I would go away and Math I would come in.  Check.  The next year Geometry went away and Math II came in. Then Algebra II went away and in came Math III.  Each of these Maths is integrated…some algebra, some geometry, some statistics.  You get the picture.  A good solid Algebra I program somewhere?  Anywhere?  No!

I retired when I saw this coming.  It was time anyway.  Good timing I’d say.  The tutoring business is booming!

PS:  Instead of ranting further let’s just say it’s in the works to “allow” school districts in the state to return to traditional, single subject math classes.  At least 80 of our 180 school supers want “to be freed from having to teach the integrated math curriculum’, according to a Dept of Ed survey.

End of Week I Geometry EOCT

Hi Guys!

This is the end of our first week. Thanks for coming along and working with me this week. We had a great start! I’ve decided to wait awhile to post answers as many students are still coming on and getting started. Just email me your answers when you can….until I post them. LOL. Hope this practice time “helps you remember”. Check back daily for more problems. I promise to throw in some really easy ones too.

Enjoy Spring Break!

Geometry EOCT Problems 5-8

Welcome back! Send me you answers! If you have not started these problems yet, go back to #1 on yesterday’s post and get started. Keep a notebook with all of your problems worked out.

5. If a=b and b=c, than a=c illustrates which property?
a. Reflexive b. Commutative c. Transitive d. Distributive
Answer: c. Transitive

6. Given A = (6,3) and B = (8, -2). Find AB. (AB means the distance from A to B).
The formula you need for this problem is on the formula sheet. Just make sure you know how and when to use it.
Answer: AB = 5.4

7. Given: “If a, then b.” Write the:
Inverse: “If not a, then not b.” Could be written: “If ~a, then ~b.”

Contrapositive: “If not b, then not a.” Could be written: “If~b, then ~a.”

8. Draw a triangle that has two angles which each measure 43 degrees.
a. Is the triangle isosceles, equilateral, or scalene?
b. What is the measure of the 3rd angle?
c. Is the triangle right, acute, or obtuse?

Answer: The triangle is isosceles because 2 sides are congruent. The 3rd angle measures 94 degrees, so the triangle is obtuse.

Enjoy the rest of the day! See you tomorrow!

The Mathster

Geometry EOCT Problems 1-4

First Day!!!

Good idea to keep all of these problems worked in a notebook. That way you can review it all right before the test…and you can share it with your teacher.

This set of problems is to help you “remember” way back to beginning of the year.

1. What is the “converse” of the following statement? What is the hypothesis? What is the conclusion?

If Jenny goes to the ballgame, then she will wear her red jacket.

a. Converse: If Jenny wears her red jacket, then she will go to the ballgame.
b. Hypothesis: If Jenny goes to the ballgame
c. Conclusion: Then she will wear her red jacket.

2. Which word describes a triangle whose angles measure 23, 38, and 119 degrees?
a. isosceles b. acute c. right d. obtuse
d. Obtuse

3. Find the midpoint of a segment with endpoints (3, 7) and (5, -1).
Midpoint is (4 , 3)

4. What is the area of a circle with radius = 4 cm? Leave pi in your answer.
Area is 16 pi sq. cm. or 50.27 sq. cm.

Email your answers to Put EOCT as the subject. If you want me to communicate with your teacher, send me that information too.

Congratulations for getting started! Come back tomorrow.

Feel free to leave a comment but DON’T leave the answers here! LOL.

Geometry End Of Course Test

Dear Geometry Student,

Okay! Here’s the deal. Every school day starting April 1, several geometry problems will appear on this blog. All problems will come from past Georgia EOCTs (End Of Course Tests). Every geometry student in Georgia public schools takes the EOCT. Your score counts 15% of your geometry grade. That’s a lot! It can make a big difference.

Here’s your part. You work the problem and email me the answer. If you send me your name, your school, your state, your teacher’s name and his/her school email address, I will keep track of the number of problems you answer correctly. Right before you take the EOCT, I will send your teacher the total number of problems you get right!

Now, I don’t know if your teacher will give you any credit for this or not. That is entirely up to them. I do know that IT WILL HELP YOU get a better grade on the EOCT. So do it for yourself, and if you get a couple of bonus points, that’s great too. Right?

If you do not live in Georgia, you can still play along. I’m sure you have a final test also, so it will help you too.

1. Print this and show it to your teacher and parent before you start just so they’ll know what you are doing.
2. You may answer the questions anytime during the week they are posted but no later than 9:00 PM Georgia time on Friday of each week. Nothing after 9:00 PM on Friday will count.
3. It is okay if you get help with the answers because that will help you too.
4. I will post all of the answers for the week in this blog sometime after 9:00 PM each Friday.
5. I will keep track of the number of questions you answer correctly and will send the total to your teacher the week before your big test.
6. Send all answers to In the subject line, put GEOMETRY EOCT.

This should be fun! Some questions will be reeeeaaaalllllyyyy easy and some will be more challenging but all will help you remember and be prepared for your big test!

I hope you will play along with all of us! See you Wednesday, April 1….and I’m not foolin’!

The Real Mathster