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How The Heck Do I Translate With Matrices?

Help! Help! Help! Math 911!

“I’ve got 3 points: A (–4, 1), B (– 2, 5) and C (0, 2)
I’m supposed to translate each point 5 units right and 3 units down. What does that mean?”

“Glad you asked. It’s easy-peasy. You just add 5 to each x and subtract 3 from each y.
Solution: A’ = (1, -2) B’= (3, 2) C’ = (5, -1)

“Hold on a minute!” you scream! “I have to use Matrices! I don’t know where to start!”

“Oh, darn! In that case I’ll have to make you a video so I can draw matrices for you by hand. I don’t think you have the font that uses matrices. Shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you pronto! It’s really super simple once you see it.”

I Can’t Do This Algebra Problem! Help!

“Come on!  You really want me to graph all those inequalities in that list when I can’t even graph a “regular” equation?”, gasps  the student.  Say it’s not so!!!

Teacher says, “It’s true alright.  It’s called a ‘system of inequalities’ and not only do I want you to graph them, I want you to graph them on the same graph!’

“On top of each other?” says the now panicking student.

“Yes.  Then I want you to look at the area you have shaded (you did shade didn’t you?).  Then find each vertex of the enclosed region.”




Problems are taken from Advanced Math Concepts by Glencoe.

Solution:     The three vertices are:  (.6,  3.2)        (-.4,  1.2)       (1.6,   .2)

If you just ‘don’t get it’ and need a quick video demo, just email me and let me know. No charge.