About Me

Welcome! A long career of teaching thousands of students in classrooms with 30 desks and 4 walls…and now I get to include new students all over the world. No longer limited by 4 walls! My Blogger friends already represent 67 countries so we are off to a good start!

You need to know a bit about me before we start doing math together. All of my methods are research based. When I was a certified CRISS Trainer of Teachers I taught the key principles of learning…and I use them all the time. That’s one reason my videos will help you learn math.  If you want a topic you don’t see, please let me know what you need.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Univ of GA and a Masters in Education from Cambridge College in Boston, MA. The kudo I most treasure:  being chosen Teacher Of The Year by my distinguished peers…and attaining National Board Certification, a rigorous recognition earned by only 2-4% of the nation’s teachers.

Whether you are joining us from the kitchen table in your home in the UK, your laptop at a friend’s house in France, from a library in Denver, Colorado, or on your IPod or Blackberry on the subway halfway around the world…I’m glad you’re here!

Videos offer good solid math help particularly for anyone struggling to learn basic Algebra and Geometry. They start at the very, very beginning and walk you through the basics so that you can build the foundation you need.  Practice problems are included, along with answers, to help you further.

I am a very real person and I teach you exactly like I do in my classroom. Find the topic you need and listen over and over. Grab a notebook and a pencil and work along with me. Turn me off when you get tired…and start again later. Repetition and learning in small chunks make a big difference in improving your long-term memory of mathematics.

Email me at realmathinaminute@hotmail.com

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