Pythagoras, Music, and Health

Maybe I was wrong to post this since I do not know who deserves the credit for the writing.  I guess I will attribute it to Anonymous.  I will admit I took it from Facebook and that is not exactly a primary source!  Anyway,  I like the thought.  Hope you enjoy it.

“Pythagoras defined music as the perfect union of contrary things, as unity in multiplicity, oraccord in discord. Indeed, music does not only coordinate rhythm and modulation, but imposes order on the whole system.

Pythagoras discovered that the pitch of a musical note changed if the length of a piece of string was stopped half way along. This created an octave that produced the same quality of sound as the note produced by the unstopped string, but it vibrated at twice the frequency. The Pythagoreans used music to heal the body and elevate the soul.”
Pythagoras!  What an interesting and brilliant character.  He was so much more than his famous Theorem wasn’t he.  An oddball of his time perhaps but one full of intelligence and discovery.

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