100th Math Post

We’re all about numbers here so I had to give a salute to my 100th post!  What should it be about?

I think it should reflect all the math I’ve seen everywhere in the mountains this week.  Really.  A hiking and horseback riding overnight, resulting in both poison ivy and chiggers (!) was also surrounded by math.  Take a look.

Numbers Don’t Lie Too Often…

Love that sunshine!


Polygons? Universal.

Regular Pentagon full of leaves!

Math is awesome.  It’s really sneakingly awesome.  We think we never use it and we’ll surely never use it once we get out of math class….but, oh yes you will.  You really will.  In all kinds of ways.  Open your eyes.  Open your mind.  Math will take you in new directions.  Don’t be afraid to go there.  It is the path to opportunity.

Ooh so inviting!




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