How To Pass Math Now

It happens.  It’s almost April and your math average has slipped below passing.    OMGosh!  What to do?  Here is what I would suggest.

1.  Have a serious sit-down conference asap, possibly including your parents, with your teacher.  Take notes.  Find out your current average for sure.

2.  If you have work to makeup, do so immediately.  One zero alone can drop you below passing.

3.  If you have tests to make up, prepare for them.  Do not take them cold.  Time has passed.  You need to review.

4.  If you are slacking, now is the time to get back on track.

5.  Do ALL your homework.

6.  Don’t miss another day of class.

7.  If you need extra help, see your teacher first.  Always.  He/she knows what you need.

8.  If you need more help, consider a tutor for the remaining weeks of school.  Make sure, from your teacher conference, if it is possible to raise your grade to passing.

8.  Get information from your counselor on summer school to get the dates and the costs.

9.  Again, get help.  One hour with a tutor can work wonders.  If it is too expensive, perhaps you can barter with them.  Wash their car, cut the grass, etc.

10.  Get help.  Ask someone in your class to help you.  Do not be embarrassed.  Most math nerds love to teach math to other non-nerds.  Try it.  You may end up being friends.

11.  Diligently track your grade and prepare for every test and quiz until the end of the year.

12.  Go!  Get to work!  Look through my list of blog posts or videos.  I have lots of help available here.

Every situation is different and the reasons an average drops are as varied as the weather.  Get current information from your teacher, get help, and do the best you can.


2 responses to “How To Pass Math Now

  1. This is nice post! I have also created some great Take Back Algebra’s Math here ..
    Math Teacher

  2. I like what you have created. It’s all about helping students succeed at mathematics!

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