One Way To Help Your Kid Learn Math

I can just hear you now, “Me?  Help my kid with math?  Are you kidding?  I don’t remember it!”

Whoa.  Slow down.  I’m not saying you need to do it yourself.  Math videos are available all over the Inernet.  All kinds.  Some have a robot voice, some are just a “hand” working math problems, some are from text book companies.  Some are free.  Some are costly.  Some are for advanced students, some for young children, some for college kids, some for adults returning to school.

My videos are out there too.  They are particularly for the students who tries but really struggles to pass math.  Beginning Algebra starts at the very beginning and walks students through step by step.  Worksheets are included for free to provide additional practice.

Geometry videos do not have practice sheets but introduce students to foundational geometric concepts. 

The best thing about learning with videos is you can stop them, you can replay them, you can increase the volume, you can repeat the entire lesson or just parts of it.  When you are tired you can turn it off and start again later.  You can watch a problem worked over and over until you “get it”.  I’ll  still be there when you get back.

Once you purchase a video it is totally yours.  No subscription.  No restrictions.   You can either download lessons to your computer or you can stream the video directly from the site at your convenience.  Download the Algebra Practice sheets and you are ready to go.  No stress!  No embarrassment!  Your pace.   Your way.

Find more at MindBites, the how-to video marketplace!


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