Are You A Wordie?

Here’s a word puzzle you might like.  Good for your brain too!  You start with a given word.  Then you change one letter and create a new word.  Then you change another letter and create another new word. 

I give you the first word and the last and the number of steps.  You figure out all the rest. 

Here’s an example.  The word is  COLD and I want you to change it to the word WARM in 4 steps.  So:  COLD>CORD>WORD>WARD>WARM

See how it works? 

Here’s an easy one you can do in 2 steps.  Change HOT to TOP.   HOT>___>TOP.        Easy, right? 

Okay!  Your word is CLIMB.  Take 7 steps and end up with STEPS.  If you are a parent or a teacher, work this along with your students.  Great exercise.  Also let them make up their own word puzzles for you to try. 

Have fun!


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