Math Anagram Fun

Okay.  Want some math fun?  Want to stir up the neurons in your brain a little without breaking a sweat?  In true nerd style?  Have a go at these.

If you rearrange the letters in these words, you can get a math term.  I’ll give you the letters and a list of answers.  You rearrange the letters and find the answer in the list.  Here goes.  I don’t think it’s all that easy.

Example:  a garble                  Becomes:  algebra

Another example:  problem in Chinese                Becomes:  incomprehensible

You try these:

I’m a dot in place, I’m a pencil dot, algorithm, innumerable, calculating rules, I call a count, ahh! arithmetic gems, n is- n is not etc, get a no in, clack! total up score, wasn’t here, the classroom, silent, cost me time, twelve plus one, accord not in it

Answers are here:  a decimal point, inconsistent, calculation, decimal point, logarithm, the answer, listen, negation, contradiction, higher mathematics, pocket calculators, integral calculus, eleven plus two, a number line, school master, committees

Most of these are from “Twenty Years Before the Blackboard” by Michael Stueben

Have Fun!


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