Girls And Math

Although you hear people say that girls just aren’t as good in math as boys,  this is not backed up with research.  Quite the contrary.  Research now confirms that girls are just as good at math as boys.  The Psychological Bulletin, January 2010, reports on research that shows, contrary to popular opinion, that boys are not genetically better at math than girls. 

It does indicate that boys display more confidence in their mathematical prowess than girls, and therefore are more motivated to do well in math and science.   Obviously in a country where girls are considered of a lower status than boys, it is their opportunity to learn math that is compromised…not their ability.

Many girls have bought into the idea that math is just something for boys but that idea is also fading away.  In the past it wasn’t considered especially feminine to be “smart”……isn’t that a terrible thing……but now, well, just look around you.

Girls are just as likely and able to succeed in mathematics as are boys when they are encouraged and expected to do well.  Give your daughters high expectations in science and math, just as you do your sons, and they will live up to them. 



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