“Good Luck” On Your SAT

I could wish you “Good Luck” on your next SAT but I know luck has nothing to do with it.  Oh, of course, there are a lot of things that do matter.  Here is a list to check out that could help.  But it just isn’t about luck, is it.

What it boils down to is how much do you know and understand about Algebra I and Geometry?  You don’t need to worry about Trig or Calculus.  That is not what they are testing.  The SAT is really structured to find out if you fit the profile academically to be successful in college. 

When a college accepts you they are saying you have what it takes, regarding test taking skills and knowledge, to do well at their school.  It doesn’t consider many other factors that predict your adjustment to the rigors of college.  The school must be a good fit and you must have the desire and “be ready” to study no matter what.

If a school does not accept you they are saying you do not fit the profile to do well at their school…or it may just be that there are so many more, ahead of you,  that they have filled their Freshman class quota.

Most importantly to you is not where you friends are going although many of us, me included, focus a lot on that.  It’s not really about where your parents or neighbors or famous people went to school.  It is about what is the best fit for you.  And that can make all the difference.

Visit the school.  Have a meal.  Talk to students.  Observe.  Can you see yourself there?  Can you see yourself excited about learning there?  It’s not all about the dorm and matching bedspreads and curtains.  It is about values though.  That must be a fit for you.  Start early and take your time to look at the school you choose carefully.


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