PSAT, I Need You!

It seems like every time you turn around another test looms in front of you.  Testing bombards you with weekly classroom quizzes, all kinds of standardized tests, end-of-course tests, and finally, graduation tests.  The most well-known test, and often feared, is the SAT which is given several times throughout the school year.  

Along the way you have the opportunity to take the PSAT.  This is an important test designed to help you prepare for the SAT.  It is recommended that you take it in October of your Junior year.  It is just over two hours long, a little shorter than the SAT, and has the same type questions as the SAT.  It is ‘risk free’.  It can’t hurt you.  But it can help you.

Colleges do not require the PSAT.  It is for you to use to predict how you will do on the SAT.  The better score you receive on the PSAT, the better  you should do on the SAT.  It also spots weaknesses where you need to get help.   Many students sign up for SAT tutoring a few weeks before they take the SAT.  Perhaps PSAT tutoring  might be a better use of your time and money.  Instead of taking the PSAT and just letting the chips fall where they may because “it really doesn’t count anyway”, prepare for the PSAT and do your best.  The results will be more valid and meaningful and  can serve as a road map to help you prepare for the SAT. 

 You’ve heard about that test for years and years.  You’ve been told how important it is to get into the college of your choice.  So using all resources at your disposal to get ready for it only makes sense.  The PSAT is one of those resources.


2 responses to “PSAT, I Need You!

  1. Where was this website 3 years ago when I was homeschooling my son ??!! This is great. Will bookmark it now. And thanks for popping by my food blog.

  2. Thx! Hopefully it can help others. Pass along to your friends. Your blog makes me hungry! 🙂

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