5 Reasons Math Makes No Sense

I’m sitting in math class, taking notes, trying to learn.  Then it happens.  Math-Speak kicks in.  Here is a sample.

1.  “Obviously in step 4……”    Maybe to you it’s obvious.  Some of us out here don’t have a clue what is so obvious!  Many of us don’t have a freaking clue.

2.  “Of course”     “Of course x can’t be 3 in this problem.”  Really? Why the heck not?  Do you mind sharing that little nugget?

3.  “Let x be….”       How can you just “let” x be something?  Are you a Math God or something? 

  4.  “If-Then”     The logically concluded “then” is not so downright logical to me.

5.  Find the n-th term.   What?  Are you kidding me? N-th????

Why do you think math makes no sense? 


3 responses to “5 Reasons Math Makes No Sense

  1. Very funny! Thanks for pointing us to your blog – I’m sure we can use some of your info with our kids!


  2. I do use simple math in my projects. I’m a seamstress & a quilter, but I know & use just what I need to use. Math typically makes no sense to me; when I hear someone using “math speak,” all I hear is “blah, blah-blah, blah-blah!” That’s also what I hear when my hubby is trying to talk “practical-speak” to me. LOL!!!

  3. This is funny. And I am guilty as charged.

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