SAT Is Coming Soon!

Saturday, May 7, is the next SAT testing date.  Register by April 8!  

Once you register, turn your thoughts to what you can do to get your best score.  The College Board site has good practice problems.  Go there!  Do the practice problems.  If you cannot do them, get someone to help you.  Then do them again until you feel comfortable on your own.  Here is more helpful practice:

Monday SAT ProblemWednesday SAT Problem, Friday SAT Problem:

Night-Before Checklist:

1.  Get enough sleep the night before.

2.  Take a sweater.  Your testing room may be freezing, even in May, and that is very distracting.

3.  Wear your favorite jeans.  Be comfortable.

4.  Eat breakfast.

5.  Take some Peppermints with you to suck on.

6.  And water.  Maybe a snack for break time.

7.  Problems at the end of the test are harder.  Don’t panic.  Each individual problem does not count that much.  It is not scored like tests you are used to.  The national average is around 60% correct so don’t have a panic attack if you feel you are missing more than usual.

8.  Read the directions in practice tests several times before the test day so you are comfortable and don’t have to spend time reading them test day.

9.  Breathe.  Of course.  If you feel anxious though, breathe in through your nose slowly and out through your mouth.  Practice this now .  It helps you relax.

 10.  If you have absolutely no idea at all, leave it blank. Do not guess wildly. The odds are against you.

11. If you can eliminate even one of the choices, go ahead and guess.

12. If you can make an educated guess, rather than a wild guess, guess away.

13. If it is not a multiple choice question. Guess, guess, guess. There is no penalty for guessing on free-response gridded problems.

14. I would add this although there is no research behind it. If you don’t know an answer but you have a strong “gut feeling”, go for it.

15. Your first response is correct more often than not.

16.  Skip the “hard ones” and come back to them.

17.  Remember the problems come from Geometry and Algebra.  It’s the wording and the format that is most unfamiliar.  Hopefully you have spent time with that.

18.  If a problem seems dreadfully hard or impossible you are probably missing a shortcut.  Come back to that one later.  Don’t waste time pondering.

19.  Remember you can take this test over again if you have a bad day.    It’s not the end of the world.  Next test is June 4. 

20.   We need 20 tips to make it come out even.  Hmmmm.  I know.  When all else fails, pray!  Or maybe do that first.  It is calming.

Come back here after the test and report in.  Good luck!  Although, we know it’s really not about luck!


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