Are You An Integrated Math Fan?

Square root of x formula. Symbol of mathematics.

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Let’s see now.  We have  End Of Course Test scores very high in Algebra I and Geometry in Georgia.  Many schools are scoring in the high 90’s.  The math part of our Graduation Tests boasts scores that rock the house.  (Yes, I know that test is lame but it’s for everyone and it is what it is.) 

Enter the ‘powers that be’.  A few years ago they mandated ‘Georgia schools must  all change their math curriculum’.  So like good little ducklings, we did. 

Implementation and training from the state level were poor.  Teachers were not given proper resources and had to develop their own.  Not that they are not fully capable but having time?  That’s another story.  Let me just say that many variations of Math I surfaced. 

Georgia Algebra EOCT scores dropped like a rock.  Make that a boulder.

The plan was first Algebra I would go away and Math I would come in.  Check.  The next year Geometry went away and Math II came in. Then Algebra II went away and in came Math III.  Each of these Maths is integrated…some algebra, some geometry, some statistics.  You get the picture.  A good solid Algebra I program somewhere?  Anywhere?  No!

I retired when I saw this coming.  It was time anyway.  Good timing I’d say.  The tutoring business is booming!

PS:  Instead of ranting further let’s just say it’s in the works to “allow” school districts in the state to return to traditional, single subject math classes.  At least 80 of our 180 school supers want “to be freed from having to teach the integrated math curriculum’, according to a Dept of Ed survey.


2 responses to “Are You An Integrated Math Fan?

  1. I found this while looking for a practice quiz for my Algebra I EOCT, and just wanted to say that I agree the system is stupid, although they are now, at least in my school district, phasing the single subject math classes back in. I am in 8th grade now, so all my classmates will start high school taking Algebra I. But unfortunately, as I skipped ahead a year in math, I’ll have to take Geometry online next year as well, because they won’t have that until the year after. The entire system is, as a student, very frustrating as well. When I moved to Georgia from Virginia I was very confused to learn about the whole Math I, Math II and so on. I am actually taking an online class because I want to apply for either an early college program or a special magnet school when I move back to Virginia, and they all require Algebra I and/or Geometry for admittance. So I have to take the class online instead of in a classroom, which is much more difficult. I’m glad they’re phasing back in the traditional single subject math, but I really wish they’d never taken it away.

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s always great to get student feedback. I’m so glad single subjects are back. And I’m sorry you have to take geometry online….it’s just such a fun class to take and you won’t get as much of it. Hope you like it though. I have some study aids in my archives if you search thru them. Also my geometry videos are pretty good if basic. The algebra ones are too beginnery for you. Come back soon and all the best.

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