What The Heck Is Pi Anyway?

I know it’s 3.14 and on and on.  I don’t mean that.  What I’m asking is, “What does pi mean?”  “How did they get it in the first place?”   We’ll talk about who they are another day. 

Pi is a constant.  That means it is a set number and it never changes.  No matter where in the entire world you see or hear ‘pi’,  it is always the same number.   You know a variable, like x, can be many different values and we are always solving for it.  We never have to solve for pi because it never changes.  “Somebody” already proved that.

So here goes.  Take any circle….tiny, huge, or in between.  Doesn’t matter. Find the length of the diameter (the distance across a circle through the center).  Maybe cut a piece of string that length.  If you lay that string, or diameter, around the circle, it will always take just a little over 3 lengths of  the string to go all the way around.  Always???  Yes, always.  Never fails.  That’s why it’s constant.  That’s why pi is 3.1….just a little over 3.

Do you feel like we are going around in a circle?  We are.

If you stop and think about it, pi is awesome.  Isn’t is interesting that if you measure ‘around’ any (ANY) circle, and actually pick up a pencil and divide it by its diameter, you will always get 3.14159265…    Of course it will never come out evenly and it will never repeat a pattern no matter if you divide with your pencil for years!  But you will always get all of those very same digits….every time, every circle.  Hmmmmm.  Now that is truly awesome!

Happy Pi Day!


3 responses to “What The Heck Is Pi Anyway?

  1. Yes it is:) Don’t make me have to think too much today:)

  2. Good for the brain, Sonya! Thanks for dropping in.

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