Can Math Possibly Be Fun?

As a teacher, I always try to make math interesting…and sometimes fun. It’s almost always fun to me but I realize most kids would rather be playing video games. Here is a collection of games… card games and board games that will help your child or your student have a little fun learning math.

We’ve got to move up from a math literacy ranking of 27 out of the top 32 industrialized nations! I mean, that is downright embarrassing and actually hard to believe. According to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development 2009 report, it’s true.

I’m not saying “making math fun” is the answer. Maybe we need more discovery. Maybe more drill and kill. Maybe more higher level thinking opportunities. Maybe new teaching and learning strategies. Maybe stronger motivation. Maybe a little of all of these.

This affordable material might be worth a try. Let me know how you like it. It isn’t my creation but, given enough time, I would like to create something similar. Ah, there we go again, “given enough time”. Just not gonna happen any time soon. Maybe this can fit your needs. Order here and share your thoughts.

Click Here!


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