Special Olympics Winter Indoor Games

Being a numbers person, I can’t believe I let 1-1-11 go by without writing something about it.  Oh well.  Today is 1-2-11 and as I was reading the Atlanta Journal and Constitution this morning, I saw an article about a handful of students at Shiloh High School in Gwinnett County.  That’s in Georgia if you didn’t know.  Since sometimes I’m just a tad A.D.D., I’ll throw in that I lived in Gwinnett years ago and taught math for three years at Central Gwinnett High School so I feel a connection…but that is totally beside the point.

Three students at Shiloh enlisted a teacher, one of their favorites I’m sure, to help them start a Knitting Club.  What is interesting to me is that, if I read correctly, all three students are young men:  Zav, Joshua, and Mike.  Knitting was prominent in all their families and they appreciated the art and science of knitting.

Their idea began to take shape.  They would give back to the community by knitting scarves for students involved in the GA Special Olympics Indoor Winter Games Jan. 20-23.  The 5 foot long, 6 inch wide, red and white scarves would keep these students’ necks warm and swaddle them in love and admiration.  A knitting club was born, The Knitting Generals, and other students joined in their efforts.  Now they became teachers too as they taught the skill to others.  Not so easy is it???  I wish I could knit but every time I try, I end up totally frustrated.  Maybe one day.  (A.D.D. kicking in again) JK!

The club is now ‘clicking away’ to produce enough scarves so that every Special Olympic athlete in the Gwinnett Georgia Winter Indoor Games gets his own.  No doubt they’ll keep them forever.

My blog is usually all about math but occasionally I digress.  I am happy to write about these kids and their teacher, Mrs. Bankhead.  I am so proud of them, their idea, and their follow through.  I wish them all well this year, especially this month with all the “ones” in it, as they begin a new semester and a new year.


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