Is (-5) Squared The Same As -5 Squared?

Well, if you read them both out loud, they sound the same.  Don’t be fooled though!  They are NOT the same.  (-5) squared means -5 is multiplied by -5 so you get 25.  That would be + 25.  Right?

-5 squared (without parenthesis) means that 5 is squared.  The negative is just sitting there in front of the 5 and it just continues to sit there.  You get 25 when you square 5…..and with the – sign still sitting in front, you finally get -25. 

This is a tricky one!   Wouldn’t you say?  Help your friends with this.  I guarantee you lots of them don’t get it.  The best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else.

Happy Trails!


2 responses to “Is (-5) Squared The Same As -5 Squared?

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