Next SAT Date is Oct 9, 2010

Time to register for the next SAT test. You need to go ahead and register. Registration deadline is September 10. The fee is $47. You don’t want to have to pay any late fees so get ‘er done now. The sooner the better. See your school counselor of go to the College Board site to register.

Here’s a problem to practice for today.

If the radius of the circle is 4, then the perimeter of the
polygon ABCDE must be less than:

   A   2
 B 4
 C 6
 D 8
 E There is not sufficient information to answer the question.

Remember you can draw in a segment.  Try drawing in a radius.

If you need more help, email me at  If you need a 3 minute video explanation, let me know and I’ll send it to you.  Donations only.



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