What Math Are You Taking?

Is anyone at your house getting ready for school to start soon?  It’s hard to believe but school starts here next Monday, August 2!  Seems like it is still summer, and it is, of course, so don’t put those swimsuits away yet.  There’ll still be plenty of weekends and afternoons to take a dip and enjoy being outside.

Almost all high school students take Algebra.  Most of them go on to take Geometry and maybe Algebra II and III.  More and more students are making it all the way to Calculus while still in high school.  When I was in high school, hmmm years ago, Calculus wasn’t even available to us.  Trig was as far as we could go.

Whatever math you take, do everything you can to start off right.  If math is not a struggle for you, then you are probably looking forward to it and you already know what works for you.  If  math is a struggle for you, here are a few tips for success.  Pay special attention to where you sit.  Research shows that students who sit on the “T” get more teacher-attention and better grades than those who sit “out on the wings” or in the back corners.  Try to sit across the front of the classroom or in the middle row.  Make sure you can see everywhere in the room where the teacher will post notes.  If you are sitting in groups, carefully select the classmates with whom you sit.  If the teacher seats you alphabetically or chooses your table mates, try to make it work.  If you still find it distracting after a week or so, approach your teacher about possibly changing your seat.

There are many other tips but this is enough for now.

Here’s to a great year in your math classroom!


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