Kinds Of Triangles

Welcome!  If this is your first visit to my website, look around and see what’s here.   I hope it will meet your needs.  Come back often!

In addition to math help previously available here, this year you will find Algebra videos and Geometry videos.   Go ahead.  Watch the Preview here!  If you’d like to have the full video for reference, just download it at  You can save it to your computer and access it whenever you need to.  For those of my friends who are totally disinterested in math, you can watch it at 2:00 AM and it is guaranteed to cure your insomnia!

Today’s video is entitled Kinds Of Triangles.  It’s a 12-minute video that shows each type of triangle used in Geometry and takes a look at their angles and sides.  

Triangles are one of the most familar shapes in the world. As simple as a triangle is, there are several different kinds of triangles and they have different properties. We will also look at the interior, the exterior, as well as the triangle itself.

In this video you will learn all about each type of triangle. You will learn about their angles and their sides and the relationships between sides and angles. Make sure you commit all definitions to memory so when you need to write a proof involving a triangle, you will have the tools you need.

Enjoy this lesson. It’s very straightforward and not difficult at all. Just get all the details and terminology! Success is in the details!


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