Tips For Taking Your EOCTs

General Test Taking Strategies:
1. Don’t leave anything blank. Eliminate any answers you can and make an educated guess between remaining answers.
2. There is usually a “sucker” answer for those who don’t read carefully. Don’t let that be you.
3. Remember there is a formula sheet. Use it.
4. Use your calculator! Eliminate careless errors.
5. Always ask yourself, “Is my answer reasonable?”
6. If you don’t know where to start, skip it and come back to it.
7. Eat something before the test. Don’t be hungry! Feed and water your brain.
8. Look for shortcuts, “catches” on all graphing problems. Count vertically/horizontally on the graph whenever you can.
9. Be prepared and approach the test with confidence! Know you can do well!
10. Ask for scratch paper. Use it. Draw.

Specifically for Geometry:
a. Notice whether two triangles are congruent or similar.
b. Notice if you have a right triangle. Look for right angles.
c. Notice 9-12-15 is same as 3-4-5 triangle.
d. Vertical angles are ALWAYS congruent. Nothing to do with parallel lines.
e. Know Slope Formula. Parallel lines have same slope.
f. If one slope =2/3 and another slope = -3/2, the lines are perpendicular.
g. On scale factor, notice if you are going small to large, or large to small.
h. Switch the “if” and “then” statements to get converse. The converse may or may not be true.
i. Regular hexagons have 6 lines of symmetry.
j. Pentagons contain 540 degrees.
k. Be able to identify a transversal.
l. Know concentric circles when you see them.


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