Random Facts On The Geometry EOCT

1. Concentric circles look like a bulls eye. They have the same center.
2. If a figure is enlarged it is called a dilation. The scale factor is greater than 1.
3. If the scale factor is less than 1, the figure gets smaller.
4. Volume is easy. Just find the area of the base, then multiply that by the height. If it is a pyramid or cone, do the same thing, then divide it by 3. Use cubic units.
5. The sum of the exterior angles of a convex polygon is always 360.
6. Geometry uses DEDUCTIVE reasoning and INDUCTIVE reasoning. Deductive reasoning is based on facts, like in proofs. Inductive reasoning is based on patterns.
7. If you have 3 skirts, 4 shirts, and 5 hats, you can make 3x4x5 or 60 different outfits!
8. Lines that are not parallel and are not in the same plane are called SKEW lines.
9. The scale factor is the “ratio of the sides” in the order stated.
10. Parallel lines have the same slope.
11. Any two sides of a triangle must add up to be greater than the third side.
12. A hexagon contains 6 equilateral triangles.
13. The MEAN is the average. The MEDIAN # is the middle number. The MODE is the one that occurs the most frequently. The RANGE is the highest # – the lowest #.


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