Problems #20-24

20. A building that is 50 feet tall casts a shadow 30 feet long. Nearby, a tree casts a 75 foot long shadow. How tall is the tree? (Hint: Use similar triangle ratios) Read it twice. Wording is tricky.

a. 95 ft
b. 110 ft
c. 125 ft
d. 140 ft

Answers: 50/30 =x/75 so x = 125

21. Which unit is correct for describing the surface area of a hexagonal pyramid?
a. cm
b. cm squared
c. cm cubed

Answer: (b) Area is always “units squared”.

22. If r>0 and s <0, in which quadrant of the xy-plane does the point (r,s) lie?
a. Quadrant I
b. Quadrant II
c. Quadrant III
d. Quadrant IV

Answer: d. (+, -) in Quadrant IV

23. Which set of points is equidistant from the rays that form an angle? (Hint: Draw it)
a. Perpendicular bisector
b. Skew Line
c. Angle Bisector
d. Central Angle

Answer: C. Angle Bisector

24. Which unit is used to measure the amount of liquid needed to fill a cylindrical container?
a. inches
b. square inches
c. cubic inches

Answer: C. Filling a container is volume. Volume is always cubic units.


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