Geometry Practice Problems for Thursday

Good Morning! Today is the last school day before Spring Break for some people. Woo hoo! Enjoy!

Today’s problems are very basic and are just to help you remember the basics. All answers for this week will be posted on Saturday. If you would like personal feedback, email me at

9. The perimeter of a square is 68 meters. If one side is 3x+2, what is the value of x?
Answer: x = 5 meters

10. A right triangle has legs of 24 inches and 18 inches. Find the length of the hypotenuse.
Answer: The hypotenuse = 30. The answer is found using the Pythagorian Thm. It is in the 3-4-5 family.

11. Two angles are supplementary. One is 68 degrees. Find the other angle.
Answer: 112 degrees. Supplementary angles are two angles that add up to 180.

12. If the radius of a circle is 5, find the:

Area: 25 pi sq. units or 78.54 sq. units

Circumference: 10 pi units or 31.4 units

(on a multiple choice test answers may be left in terms of pi or may be written as a decimal. Be able to recognize the answer in either form.

Have a great break….or just a great weekend. See you Monday!


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