Not Just Any May

Starting yesterday, Wednesday, 5/8/2013, all kinds of mathyiness is happening!

Every bit of this I borrowed form Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Go visit his blog.  It’s full of smiles.


The month, date and year are consecutive terms in the Fibonacci sequence.

Today, Thursday,  5/9/13 is an arithmetic sequence.   d=4

And then there’s Sunday.   This is one of my personal favorites because it is so useful, huh? 

5/12/13                 A Pythagorean triple.

Arithmetic sequence dates are a dime a dozen. In fact, there are six of them in 2013 alone. Pythagorean dates and Fibonacci dates are far more rare. There are only eight Pythagorean dates and six Fibonacci dates in the entire 21st century. To have all of them occur within a six-day span is incredible.

Thank you Patrick.  I’m glad I didn’t miss it!  So fun!  Oh, and May 6 is my mom’s birthday, May 8 is dad’s, and then May 12 is Mother’s Day.  None of that has anything to do with math but who cares!



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Pi Day A Week Late

Pi Day A Week Late

Math or Crossword Puzzles?

Math or Crossword Puzzles?.

Math or Crossword Puzzles?

As an aging Boomer with a really aging mother 92 years young, I pay attention to “what is good for the brain”, if you know what I mean. We know blueberries and exercise should be daily events.  And fish is good brain food too.  And yoga keeps that blood flowing while crossword puzzles and mental games grow new dendrites.  Right?

I am a crossword puzzle fan but I must admit I’ve grown a little bored doing them every day.  And boredom certainly isn’t doing any brain any good.  Always, always, always I’ve known figuring out challenging math problems plumps up brain cells.  Even though I already know the math, it still feels like a great mental workout to explain the ins and outs of a problem to someone else.

My theory is that taking Algebra I basics into retirement homes would be a worthwhile exercise.  Somehow I don’t have many people agreeing with me or believing I would have any audience at all.

Whatever works out your brain is a must!  I’ll continue to spend a little time with Sudoko, which I can’t spell, keep working my crossword muscles, and totally, for sure, work up a mental sweat with a good old math problem.  And you?


P.S  Please excuse the ads WordPress insists on putting on my page.  I am being held hostage for a $30 a year ransom.  Oh no!  Hope they don’t advertise anything I hate on this page….like split pea soup, debts, hypocrisy, or guns.

Question for Nov 15

What is the longest chord in any circle?

Next SAT is Dec 16, 2012

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The Dog Ate My Homework

First Day Of School Advice

First Day Of School Advice.

Reposting this. The Comments are wonderful. Add yours!

Real Math In A Minute

What is YOUR best advice for your kids’ first day of school? No matter what their age, everyone has first day jitters…..even most teachers. Everything is new and different. New teachers, new schedule, new subjects, new lunch group. Exciting stuff. Sets the pace for the entire year.

Should kids get to wear whatever they want that day? Is that important? Should they ride the big yellow bus or is that too humiliating so you will drive them? Will they brown bag it or see what’s new on the lunch line? What do you hope their teachers will say the first day of school? What should they take with them?

What is the conversationlike around your breakfast table that very first morning, or maybe at dinner the night before? Click on COMMENTS below and share your thoughts. Let’s see what we come up with.

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